Convincing Your Married Woman That
She Is Interested

The next important thing you have to do is to convince your married women that she is interest in you rather than you are interest in her.

For instant, just say you and your married women were out on a date to the movie. After the movie you both might want to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. We all know that you may want to see your date for as long as possible, but to convince her that she is more interested in you, you’All have to maintain control of the times you spend together of the evening.

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You should make your departing not an obvious thing and that you are meeting some other people after her. While the conversation is still good and the date is going well, announce that it is getting late and it is time to go. You should let her know that enjoyed the evening with her company and that you look forward to getting together again very soon.

This is going to be a surprise to your date. This is because every other guy would want to hang on long enough that so maybe he can convince her to have sex with him. As a man you should know if a woman wants to have sex with you, she will often let you know. Therefore, if you have not gotten any hints from her, end the date while you are still going well.

Convincing Your Married Woman That She Is Interested Con't .......

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