What Married Women Want?

Not every woman is unfaithful, although many married women do have affairs. All married women wish for love, affection, and happiest given by their husband. What more can they ask for?

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We all know that not everyone’s path is the same. And at times it does not go as smooth as we all wish it to be. It might be your husband is never home and always at work till odd hours of the night, you have children that you requires your care and by the end of the day you are just too tried, or it is that you both have a problems but you both prefer not to think about it. So, for whatever reason is, your marriage has lost its passion, love, and tender loving care (TLC). And looking in the wives prospective, dating is just a way to find that lost passion, love and TLC in their lives.

For some cheating wives, the affair is truly all about sex. While for others dating is just a way to find the lost passion, they use to have. Not every married woman is unfaithful. For most wives, dating online to them is not actually considered cheating. To them cheating is only when the affair extends beyond a chat in the computer, but becoming sexual.

Not every woman is unfaithful. These days, many girls don’t get married until they are older and more mature. This way they can make better choices of the appropriate person and can also be more engaged in the relationship.

It should be noted that not all affairs are flings. Many married women develop an emotional connection in their cheating rather than something which is sexual. In most of these cases, most married women have inattentive husband. His “affair with his work or other passion such as sport may turn his wife into a cheating wife. These married women do not feel valued, respected. She feels that she is not treated nicely and is always taken for granted. By finding someone who makes that feel good about themselves, who does those small things for them and saying the right things makes them feel very seductive and very appealing.

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