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Many married women went online for a quick “sex fix, while other established more meaningful connections where they talked about personal problems, martial issues, and other things like that. While other married women hoped for a real-life affair. Others may just want to engage in cyber sex and exchange sexual fantasies with someone while masturbating.

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A vast majority of married women want erotic encounters either online or through bars and coffee shop because of boredom. They often feel that their partner is either lack of sexual interest or they feel they are at need for variety and fun. Many married women believe that are not going out to cheat. They just want to capture back the memories of what the felt when they are young, or when they started to flirt and date.

The most complaint we get from married women was lack of sex in the marriage. Many married women would say that their husband was too involved in working, while the men would say the wife is too involved in child rearing that they never have time to have sex or if they do, they are more interested in sleeping after a long day. Therefore, online chat conversations are becoming more and more popular. This is because there is no touching involved, married women often rationalize their behavior as harmless fun and did not consider themselves to be cheating. Little do these married women know that their spouses feel betrayed, angry and hurt by their online infidelity as it was if skin-to-skin adultery had taken placed.

Many of these online chatting will start of as innocent, friendly exchanges of messages, but will progress quickly to strong desires for sexual relationships. Statistics shows that about 25% of these married women will meet this person whom they have been engaged in an online relationship, and will end up having a real-life affair.

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